toronto fight night

october 7th


Bar Spar

sponsored by tequila cazadores

Bar Spar is a program that teaches bartenders the basics of boxing under the guidance of professional trainers, culminating in registration with U.S.A. Boxing and a sanctioned amateur fight. The program is overseen by the Bartender Boxing Organization, ensuring safety protocols and overall adherence with the organization’s mission.

Since debuting with programs in four cities, the program has now grown to ten cities this year, including Toronto and Vancouver. The aim of the program is not to create a new category of fighting mixologists, but rather, to offer the industry wellness options.


now recruiting

Los Angeles | San Francisco

Phoenix | las vegas


Events & Dates


Toronto | Vancouver

Oct. 7 - Toronto local bout

Oct. 9 - Vancouver local bout

Miami | Dallas

Sept. 1 - Training

Dec. 2 - Miami local bout

Dec. 4 - Dallas local bout

Phoenix | Las Vegas

Nov. - Recruitment

Dec. 9 - Training

Mar. 23 - Phoenix local bout

Mar. 25 - Las Vegas local bout

NYC | Chicago

Nov. 4 - Chicago local bout

Nov. 6 - NYC local bout

Los Angeles | San Francisco

Nov. - Recruitment

Dec. 9 - Training

Mar. 16 - LA local bout

Mar. 18 - SF local bout